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All the best for soft and healthy skin

You should take special care of your skin not only because it is your biggest organ, but also because it protects you every day against a lot of harmful external influences. And well-groomed and healthy skin not only looks beautiful – you also feel wonderfully good with it.

The magic word of dermatologists against premature skin aging is: collagen.

The nutritional supplement Collagen Lift-Drink from aunity is a modern and tasty collagen-building drink. It contains valuable, coordinated biologically active micronutrients and collagen amino acids – so-called skin-tightening proteins. The drinking powder can have a positive effect on the first signs of skin aging when taken daily.

Nahrungsergänzung Made in Germnay Kosmetik Wasserfilter

Aniodent Mineral Toothpaste

ANIODENT Mineral Toothpaste


When brushing teeth, mouth temperature and friction ensure that energy is supplied to the toothpaste. Water is absorbed and released again, resulting in anions. The anions absorb anerobean bacterial strains in the oral cavity, killing them and preventing new formation.

This reduces plaque formation and well bloods the gums. Mineral salts provide natural trace elements, support the formation of probiotic bacteria in the oral cavity and promote blood circulation to the gums.

Harmful bacteria are killed and bad breath prevented. The result is clean and healthy teeth.

+ Hyaluron – The Pride of Science

Science is fascinated and has been dealing with the magical health forces of argan oil, hyaluron and astaxanthin for years. The unique formula of aunity “Hyaluron+” combines these, for the organism, natural and powerful health forces in one capsule for optimal results.

aunity Hyaluron+ is the 3-fold effect of argan, hyaluron and astaxanthin against free radicals and for a healthier, more beautiful and more vital life!

Argan, hyaluron and astaxanthin make you look good from head to toe, live more vitally and protect you bulletproof from unwanted attacks!

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