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Mehr als eine super-absorbierende Slipeinlage! Slipeinlagen von aunity sind angereichert mit Aktivsauerstoff (Ozon), negativen Ionen (Anionen) und Nano-Silber. Damenbinden Slipeinlagen Anion antibakteriell


More than a super-absorbing sanitary napkin!

aunity Luxury Anion sanitary napkin and pantyliners are enriched with anions, tourmaline, nanosilver, active oxygen, with FIR technology (remote infrared), MFT technology (magnetic field) and chitosan.

These can help fight bacteria and smells, reduce irritation and swelling, improve blood circulation, female dysmenorrhea, immune system and pH balance.

Supports the detoxification and discharge of harmful substances in the organism. This promotes vaginal health – naturally and safely, without chemicals, fragrances or artificial elements.

sanitary napkins panty liners anion aunity antibacterial

damenbinden slipeinlagen anion aunity antibakteriell


Nanosilver exhibits an antimicrobial effect in external application and inactivates a number of bacteria and fungi in even small concentrations. Silver has been used for a very long time. They used to drink from silver cups to avoid infection. Even today, we still eat silver cutlery – the best proof that silver is safe from a food point of view. Our great-grandmothers put a silver coin in milk to keep it fresh for a long time. Today, the effect of silver is rediscovered after it lost its importance 50 years ago due to the widespread introduction of antibiotics. The use of nanosilver in sanitary napkin and pantyliners brings great benefits due to its broad effectiveness against pathogens – even those that are already resistant to a variety of conventional antibiotics.

ANION Women’s sanitary napkin and pantyliners with anion and nano-silver

with anions, active oxygen and nano-silver for your intimate hygiene and female care

What women really need is an antibacterial, highly absorbent & breathable sanitary napkin!

More than a super-absorbing sanitary napkin! The nanotechnology in every aunity women’s sanitary napkin is enriched with ozone and negative ions (anions), which help to fight bacteria and smell as well as promote a pH balance and vaginal health – natural and safe, without chemicals, fragrances or artificial elements.

Without adequate protection during menstruation, women can become more vulnerable to a range of women’s diseases that affect their quality of life and have a negative impact on their health, career and family.

In balance with negative ions and oxygen

Negative ions (anions):

Anions are smell less, tasteless and invisible molecules. Anions have a special positive effect on human health. They are also known as “vitamins from the air”. They strengthen the immune system, promote healthy sleep and increase the ability to concentrate. Anions eliminate bacteria from the air: the higher the concentration of negative ions, the purer the air.
With a concentration of more than 5,000 anions per cm3, the immune system and the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions of the body are supported.

Women’s sanitary napkin and pantyliners from aunityActive oxygen:

The unique active oxygen formula increases the air permeability and oxygen exchange of the sanitary napkin and prevents the growth of bacteria. It has been scientifically proven that oxygen and anions in the blood have a direct influence on metabolism. Higher amounts of oxygen and anions promote hormonal balance, hormonally controlled absorption of nutrients from food, purify, purify blood and support cell renewal. Thanks to the patent-protected anion layer, up to 5,800 anions per cm3 are produced in aunity women’s sanitary napkin. These negative ions suppress the multiplication of harmful bacteria on the surface of the napkin, supporting the immune forces and the natural, healthy intimate flora of the woman. Negative ions enter the uterus, improving blood circulation.

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