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At aunity we stand for the highest quality products “Made in Germany“. Our aim is to combine traditional and alternative medicine with the latest research and science findings,  in order to be able to offer substantial highly concentrated  ingredients as the most modern nutritional supplements.

We firmly believe that since the beginning of its time, nature has provided us with everything necessary for a powerful health. Plants, as well as the active ingredients contained therein, have existed for millions of years. Our aim is to learn from the past and to incorporate the expertise of ancient tribal peoples, which has existed for centuries, into direct product development.

From the selection of raw materials, over a gentle processing up to the finished delivery of the product, we always pay attention to a highly professional processing. The complex processes as well as the individual preparation of recipes on a study basis require a maximum of expertise.

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For a healthier life

natural quality

Vegetable capsule shells, natural ingredients whenever possible. Avoid chemicals if possible.

Selected raw materials

Tested and controlled raw materials used sensibly and combined according to traditional methods and the latest scientific results.

Made in Germany

The production of our capsules, tablets, powder and liquid products takes place exclusively in Germany. The seat of our company is of course in Germany.


Nutritional supplements


    COLLAGEN-LIFT-DRINK – Nahrungsergänzungsmittel mit Kollagen, MSM, Hyaluronsäure, Vitaminen, Pflanzen und Mineralstoffen
    Warum aunity-COLLAGEN-LIFT-DRINK?
    Unser Ziel ist Integrität und Natürlichkeit! Aunity Collagen Lift Drink durch Zugabe von Vitaminen, Mineralstoffen, OPC, Hyaluronsäure, Folsäure, Zink,…


    CORDYCEPS SINENSIS + GINKGO – Nahrungsergänzungsmittel mit Pflanzenextrakten
    Der Vitalpilz Cordyceps sinensis hat viele wohltuende Eigenschaften. Es fördert die Energieproduktion in den Zellen, verbessert die Sauerstoffverwertung im Körper und regt die…


    ENERGY+ – Nahrungsergänzungsmittel mit Pflanzenstoffen, Vitaminen, Chrom, Cholin und Koffein
    ENERGY+ Ganzheitlich und natürlich – nur natürliche Zutaten (ohne Zucker, ohne chemische oder modifizierte Inhaltsstoffe)! Diese außergewöhnliche Mischung verleiht Ihnen auf…




You should take special care of your skin not only because it is your biggest organ, but also because it protects you every day against a lot of harmful external influences. And well-groomed and healthy skin not only looks beautiful – you also feel wonderfully good with it.
The magic word of dermatologists against premature skin aging is: collagen.
The Nutritional supplement Collagen Lift-Drink from aunity is a modern and tasty collagen-building drink. It contains valuable, coordinated biologically active micronutrients and collagen amino acids – so-called skin-tightening proteins. The drinking powder can have a positive effect on the first signs of skin aging when taken daily.

Nahrungsergänzung Made in Germnay Kosmetik Wasserfilter

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When selecting our plant substances in cooperation with our certified raw material suppliers, an intensive and hand-picked selection of different classes takes place. This is where the first step for a satisfactory product begins, which also has an effect when it is used.
Gently processed in a process technique adapted for the plant substance (drying, extraction or fermentation) often begins the combination and admixture of other substances in order to ensure maximum bioavailability in the body.



Coupled with our individual quality measures and certifications (BIO certified according to EC-ÖKO regulation, as well as ISO and HACCP-tested production processes), a raw material processing carried out in Germany with state-of-the-art technology ensures excellent product quality.
A hand-operated capsule filling, as well as the specially selected shape of the raw material, combined with our many years of experience, ensure capsule production without any additives. Each of our aunity products has an exclusive composition of intensively studied raw materials in above-average dosages. Convince yourself of our quality!

Information about AUNITY PARTNER SHOP

In addition to an extensive product range, the aunity partner shop also offers live training seminars and online presentations on our products and marketing. Aunity products are popular and are very popular and highly valued by our customers .

Our distributors, who love aunity products, sell and promote our products on international markets in more than 20 countries worldwide, provide us with useful feedback, information and recommendations.

This offers the opportunity to get more information about the needs of the market and helps in the development and production of new products considering current and future trends and needs of the customer.

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